We listen to your needs and advocate for a better quality of life for families affected by CHD.


We fight CHD with CHD.

Each and every human being is conceived the same way. But by day 22 in our mother's womb, every 1 in 10 of us will have a different heart. 

What is a different heart? The medical term for a different heart is a congenital heart defect(s) also called CHD.

This means that a baby is born with heart that looks and often works differently. Some hearts have holes, some have their wires crossed (the arteries and veins may be swapped around) some are too big, some are too small, some have missing parts and some have leaky valves... but every different heart we have met is courageous, hopeful and determined.

We focus on what is GOOD.

We look to what is good and celebrate that. We build on what works and we strive to improve what does not.

Hospital Support

Focused on making the hospital experience as good as possible for patients and staff.

Honour Where It Is Due

Focused on celebrating every act of bravery along the CHD jouney.

Challenge Limits

Identifying key struggle areas and developing strategic solutions.

Heart Kids South Africa is a project that was initiated by the registered charity called SOFFT (123-225 NPO), on the request of the parents of children who were born with different hearts.

We tell Your stories.

There is nothing more powerful than YOUR story and YOUR experience. Your story WILL save lives, Your story WILL encourage and inspire. 

Share your story.

We find CHD News.

Our radar is on high alert, looking for new developments in the field of the treatment and diagnosis of congenital heart defects. 

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