Riley's Story❤️⁠

Riley was born on Friday the 13th March via C-section weighing 3.7kgs. The pregnancy was considered very normal with no complications.⁠

Shortly after delivery in an attempt to breast feed Riley, he struggled with a blocked nose. After many attempts, nurses noticed Riley's rapid breathing which was later found to be 4 defects of the heart. ⁠After spending 10 days in the NICU, Riley was discharged. His weight and growth were closely monitored which was a slow progress.


Justin's Story❤️⁠

Justin was born at 39 weeks with a whole lot more wrong with his heart than the AVSD he had been diagnosed with, in utero. A day after Justin arrived, my husband and I were gently informed that our newborn son had an Interrupted Aortic Arch, 2 different holes (VSD & ASD), aortic valve stenosis and a PDA. Because of the extent of the stenosis, the doctors weren't really considering surgery as a viable option.


Zenny's Story❤️⁠

I am Lulama Sifuba, a 45 year old mother of an Angel and two older children.

My last child Zenande (Zenney) was born on the 1st November 2016 at a government hospital in Gqeberha. She weighed 2.8kg and was born with Down Syndrome and 3 defects in her heart.

Despite many challenges and open heart surgery in 2018, she managed to pull through. During her young life she was on constant medication and had to endure hospital visits on a monthly basis. 

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