Andrew's Story ❤️ 


I am Andrew Lake aged 52 years old living in South Africa. I have had 4 open-heart surgeries. Born with CHD in 1970 before all the technological advancements of today.

My life was tough, I was different, I was not the same as other kids and very little emotional support. There was no support groups when growing up and even today there is no

heart rehab facilities or adult support of CHD in South Africa. A lot of what I have learnt since my 4th op in 2016 has been my own trial and error and learning, the ups and downs experiences are all self-taught. The success I have had and I have had many is from true old fashion grit, determination and fighting spirit. Never give up attitude.

I see myself as a heart warrior and not as a survivor or victim. 

I have never let my “disability” be my excuse not to do things, yes it has been challenging but always look for a way to succeed. I mountain bike – yes I use a ebike but better than others who sit and do nothing making excuses . I swim, canoe and enjoy life to the full. I have 3 sons and self employed and so living the best way I can – as a warrior. My suggestion to others is to fight, fight, fight the good fight of life and live it to the full.

"Live life to the full"

"I have never let my “disability” be my excuse not to do things.."

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