Navishka's Story❤️


After battling for 3 years to fall pregnant, my husband and I decided to seek medical advice. After much invasive and expensive medical treatment, we eventually fell pregnant.

All of this happened during the Covid-19 pandemic and because I was in and out of hospitals I had countless amounts of Covid tests, but nothing could contain our excitement when we discovered we were expecting twins.

The pregnancy was very risky and on the 9th December 2020 our baby girls were born, prematurely.


We had more bad than good days, but my husband and I remained positive and prayed for our baby girls.

Soon after birth it was discovered that my one baby girl had a Congenital Heart Defect. She was then transferred to a different hospital than to where her sister was.

She was brave and fought and after two weeks she was transferred back to where her sister was. She was doing well on the oxygen, but then developed a lung infection.

This became a journey of being on a ventilator intermittently. During this time I learnt quite a bit about CHD which was totally new to me and my family.

At the beginning of October 2021, her medical team advised us that her lungs were not growing and this was putting strain on her little heart.

We all thought that we would have a few months with her, but sadly our baby girl, Navishka passed on the 21 October 2021. 10 Months old and only one week after we received the news.

We are forever grateful for the support we received from the hospital staff, family, friends and the Heart Kids support group. I wish my story could be different but I have learnt that all CHD journeys do not have a happy ending.
Navishka will always be remembered. #forever 10 months.

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