Granny saved my life!

Charleze is part of the group of children whose different heart was not diagnosed before she left the hospital. Even a follow-up visit to the paediatrician did not lead to an accurate diagnosis of her different heart.


Charleze 2015 (1)

Charleze's granny took care of her during the day and she noticed that her precious grand daughter's lips had a blue tinge to them. In spite of reassurances by the paediatrician that Charleze only had a slight heart murmur, her advocates (her granny and her parents) were determined to get a second opinion. Charleze was only diagnosed on 10 November 2006, just short of 4 months after her birth.

The second opinion lead to an emergency operation at Sunning Hill hospital to intervene and save her life. Charleze spend 24 days in ICU. Charleze does not just have a different heart, she has been diagnosed with Hirschsprung Disease, she has already had 10cm of her colon removed, her one kidney has disintegrated and she is busy conquering a brain injury.

To God all the glory for carrying this family this far in their journey. 


Imagine if here had been literature about the signs and symptoms of CHD available in the waiting room of the OBGYN that took care of Charleze and her mom during mom's pregnancy. Imagine if there had been literature given to mom and dad in the hospital before they left. IMAGINE if they were offered a pulse ox screening in the hospital, the Charleze would have been able to receive proper medical attention sooner.

You can make a difference, you can prevent other children from going home undiagnosed.
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