Pulse ox picked up what 8 other doctors missed!

He came into the world a 2,1kg mighty warrior. We did not know how mighty he was, as we had no idea how hard he was fighting. 


During the 6 days he spent in hospital, no screening was done to detect the possibility of the most common birth defect.
At 6 days old, he was placed in my care. I knew he was drug exposed and managed his niggles according to that. As a seasoned safety mom who had cared for over 40 babies and had 4 bio children, I was unaware of the symptoms of THE MOST COMMON BIRTH DEFECT.

He was 4 months old when a very alert doctor noticed that his breathing was just a little bit worrisome. By this age, he had seen probably 8 different doctors who all missed the signs! This last one, however, helped save his life. He insisted that we see a paediatrician who was the first one to do a pulse oximetry test. And our worlds tumbled into turmoil....

And our worlds tumbled into turmoil....

Have you ever heard doctors say:
"Why is this baby alive?"
"What do we do now?"
"I am not sure - we don't know why he  is alive."
"He needs an angiogram and a series of operations. We can only get him into theater in a month's time."
"He is very weak. He may not survive the operation."
"You do understand that he WILL have brain damage? He has been without oxygen too long."
"It was touch and go in theater. We almost lost him."

They did not know that my tiny bundle was a mighty warrior. Not only did he pull through, but he has no brain damage and continues to astound doctors. When I think of how hard he fought all on his own to just stay alive while we were oblivious to the battle, I want to weep. I did weep plenty from diagnoses, through the first operation, through the second operation and through

I have wept plenty tears for him: from diagnoses, through the first operation, through the second operation and through hospitalisations for related incidents in between.


Our lives have forever been changed by CHD. We are stronger because of it. I want our story to smooth the way for those after us.
My safety baby is now becoming my son. He is my hero. Share his story. Help me help his fight be worth it.


It might not sound like it, but this little warrior is one of the fortunate ones. He has and still is receiving medical attention for his different heart. Only up to 50% of children born with different hearts are currently being diagnosed and only about 40% of children needing medical intervention for their heart defect receives it.

This is how you can help:

You can distribute some of our CHD Awareness Literature. Do you run, cycle, swim or walk? Then why not do it for our cause? Not that active? Then why not support one of our activists?

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