Remembering Nykio

This is Nyiko

He was diagnosed with a whole in the heart and that his arteries were narrow while I was still pregnant with him and the blood flow was not in order. So immediately when I delivered they booked him into ICU. 2 days later they operated him, which took about 8 hours. Then he had spent a year recovering but it was impossible to get off the life support to breath on his own hence a year in hospital, then 8 yrs later they said the heart is swollen and that they have to operate him again.

Nyiko was operated on again in February 2016. He recovered well and returned to school in Polokwane.

Sadly Nyiko passed away on 21 September 2016. Our prayers are with his family, always.

Nyiko is a #CHDWarrior Nyiko is #1in100

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