Pretty princess Payton!

This is princess Payton. During her mom’s pregnancy, Payton’s CHD was not diagnosed. Peyton’s paediatrician detected a heart murmur when Payton was 3 days old and consequently, she was diagnosed with CHD.

An incorrect diagnosis nearly claimed Payton’s life at one week of age, as it was at first established that she would only need corrective surgery at three months of age. During a check-up, her cardiologist established that little Payton’s heart was failing and that she needed and emergency operation.


Payton was operated on for the first time when she was only 2 weeks of age. She had a successful surgery and by the grace of God after 2 months of recovery, she finally got to come home. Peyton had to have a PEG (feeding tube) inserted into her stomach due to feeding difficulties and suffered various complications.

On the 13th November 2015 at 11 months old she had her second heart surgery where the Yasui procedure was performed. This surgery was successful and she came home after three weeks on oxygen due to a collapsed left lung. In Feb 2016 Peyton was 14 months old and is growing beautifully. She was scheduled for a cardiac cath this year in April/May 2016 as the vessels leading to her lungs are narrowed and she has a partially paralysed left diaphragm.

She is on multiple medications to ensure that her heart functions effectively as well as blood pressure medication most of which she has been on since birth.

The doctors have told us that she will require multiple surgeries throughout her life and we just take it one day at a time. She is our little fighter, our miracle, our overcomer and by far our biggest blessing and we are so grateful for everyday that we get with Peyton. If Peyton didn’t receive the correct diagnosis she wouldn’t be here today.

The day Dr Kenny picked up her heart failure was truly God send because of we had seen him just a day later it would have been too late. It is crucial that babies get diagnosed early. My family and I are forever grateful for all the amazing doctors, surgeons and nurses that we have been blessed and we believe that our little warrior will do great things.

Payton is a #CHDWarrior. Payton is #1in100

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  1. Peyton is doing extremely well. She started pre-school this year and absolutely loves it. After her second heart surgery in 2015 she has since had a cardiac cathertization and balooning procedure performed in 2016 on her aorta as it is narrowed and thus affects her blood pressure. Peyton also finally got her mic-key button (feeding tube) removed from her stomach in 2016, something that we were very excited for as it used to irritate her alot and caused one of her ribs to shift. She is due for another cardiac cath and balooning procedure this year but needs to gain some weight first. She is still on her heart meds and takes blood pressure meds as well. We continue trusting in God and are forever grateful that she is in our lives. We are thankful for the wonderful doctors that God has blessed us with. Peyton has an amazing cardiologist (Dr Kenny), surgeon (Dr Mamorare) and peadiatrician (Dr Leschner). Peyton is and always will be a fighter and she is still standing strong!

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