Keep looking for the glimmers of hope against the night sky

The dawn of a new year has a way of making us question our purpose, what we do, why we do it, how effective we truly are. It can also be a stark reminder of our shortcomings, of our struggles and what we think we lack.

When you have a child who was born with a body that functions differently from what is seen as the norm, when every breath and every step is a fight, it is so easy to feel alone in a life where everybody seems to be striving for the easy life, for lazy days on the beach.

The reality is that life is a fight, always.

Life is a fight from the very day you are conceived, until the moment of your last breath. When you have to fight a disease like CHD to keep your child alive, fight it to keep your sanity, fight it to make your other children feel equally loved and cared for, when you have to fight it to keep your marriage and finances afloat, when you have to fight it to hold onto your faith, it is so easy to look around and feel like you were dealt a bad hand or given a raw deal. But what if everybody is in the same fight as you, they just don’t know it. What if the weapon formed against you and your family has been named, identified and you know that you need to fight it, while your friends and family are unknowingly in the sights of a weapon that they are blissfully unaware of, one that may attack them unexpectedly. Will they be able to remain standing, will they know how to fight, will they know who to turn to when they have no more strength left?

The reality is, we live in a war zone.

The reality is that there is a God and there is a devil and that they are opposites. There is life after death, an eternity, and you will either spend it in heaven or in hell. There is a constant fight for the souls of humans. Jesus came so that through a mere confession and acceptance of Him as your saviour, that you may gain access to eternity in heaven. At the same time, the enemy is putting up the fight of his life, trying to fill up his hell-hole so that he does not need to suffer alone.

The enemy’s strategy is simple, although his executions are elaborate. If he can make you doubt God’s love for you, he can shake your faith in His ability to save you. Better yet, he can shake your belief in God’s existence. Look at Eve, she fell for the same lie, the serpent deceived Eve into believing that God did not have their best interests at heart, that He was hiding something marvellous from them by forbidding them to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The devil came with the same lie to Jesus in the desert, omitting the word Beloved, when calling Jesus the Son of God, while all the while, just before Jesus’ temptation, God did call Him His beloved Son at the Jordan River.

What would happen to your soul, the soul of your life partner and your children if you started viewing this fight for life, this weapon that is called CHD as a ploy of the enemy to make you doubt God’s love for you and those He blessed you with. What if God could turn it around as He promises in His Word and uses it for your good. What if He turns that which the enemy intended to harm you, into a victory as He did for Joseph? What would happen if your victory and promotion that could be birthed from what seems like the ultimate betrayal, could save an entire nation, just like Joseph’s victory saved both Egypt and the surrounding countries from famine?

On this 3rd day of 2018, our invitation is this, do not fight alone. Do not isolate yourself from the support systems you have in your own life and those that we provide for you. Share your victories, but also take the time to ask for help and encouragement. Keep looking for the glimmers of hope against the night sky. The wise men did not have a well-drawn map, they did not follow a bright sun, they followed a small, flickering star as they travelled in the dark, but in the end, they found the King that would save the world.

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