Medical Passport for Kids Living With CHD

There is not a parent in this world who d not want normalcy for their children.  When your child is living with a heart that looks different and works differently, that could be a challenge. The very organ that powers their body, is also the one that is the cause of their body struggling and therefore they need extra care.

Here at Heart Kids, we developed a basic Medical Passport for children living with CHD. While the template speaks about a hospital admission, we are distributing it in Word format so that you can change it to suit your warrior's school, church, camp or other extra-curricular activities. You can even make a mini one for friends and family in the event of a sleep-over.

The document is both helpful and it reduces the fuss and the anxiety associated with placing your warrior in someone else's care.  We have also left open picture blocks in the left-hand column so that you and your warrior can decorate the document together. This gives them ownership of their health and teaches them how to advocate for themselves.

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