Prof Robin Kinsley in KZN

Please note: Prof Robin Kinsley is now working in association with Dr Darshan Reddy at Lenmed Ethekwini Hospital, Durban. For more details please contact: Tel: 0315812555 Email:

#BRUSHTOLIVE – improving the oral health of Heart Kids

Meet Unakho This is her story as told by her mom: Unakho was born in East London 29.11.2004  we were discharged home. At home I noticed that she was not […]

5 Ways To Inspire Kids to Listen

Children who are living with CHD or who are indirectly affected by CHD, often have emotional scars. In today’s age where children are bombarded with information on a consistent basis, […]

Medical Passport for Kids Living With CHD

There is not a parent in this world who d not want normalcy for their children.  When your child is living with a heart that looks different and works differently, […]

Keep looking for the glimmers of hope against the night sky

The dawn of a new year has a way of making us question our purpose, what we do, why we do it, how effective we truly are. It can also […]

Happy Chappy Deidre!

Meet Little Deidre Erasmus. Deidre was 2days old when she was diagnosed with CHD. She has a 11mm VSD, her aorta’s valve opening is misshaped. She also has only 2 […]

Pretty princess Payton!

This is princess Payton. During her mom’s pregnancy, Payton’s CHD was not diagnosed. Peyton’s paediatrician detected a heart murmur when Payton was 3 days old and consequently, she was diagnosed with CHD. […]

Remembering Nykio

This is Nyiko He was diagnosed with a whole in the heart and that his arteries were narrow while I was still pregnant with him and the blood flow was […]

7 March : Advancements in Pregnancy for Congenital Heart Defect Warriors

The field of pediatric cardiology and that of congenital heart disease has changed a great deal in the last couple of decades. Once upon a time, people born with critical […]

Meet Emily Tozer

On 3 February 2015 Emily Tozer had a heart operation for Tetralogy of Fallot. Tetralogy of Fallot is a name for a group of 4 heart defects that usually occur together. […]