5 Ways To Inspire Kids to Listen

Children who are living with CHD or who are indirectly affected by CHD, often have emotional scars. In today’s age where children are bombarded with information on a consistent basis, […]

Medical Passport for Kids Living With CHD

There is not a parent in this world who d not want normalcy for their children.  When your child is living with a heart that looks different and works differently, […]

7 March : Advancements in Pregnancy for Congenital Heart Defect Warriors

The field of pediatric cardiology and that of congenital heart disease has changed a great deal in the last couple of decades. Once upon a time, people born with critical […]

Archive: Heart to Heart with Anna

28 Feb: The Advancements of Family-Centered Care

Today’s show features two very special Guests — Michelle Steltzer is a nurse and the sister of a Heart Warrior born with a single ventricle heart in the 1970s. Susan […]

What are the signs and symptoms of CHD?

Serious congenital heart defects usually become evident soon after birth or during the first few months of life. Signs and symptoms could include: Pale gray or blue skin color (cyanosis) […]

HLHS: A Child’s Perspective

Must watch: St. John Ambulance Video about Infant CPR

Must watch: St. John Ambulance Video about Chokables

Preparing for medical procedures

One of the most common questions asked by parents on our support groups, involves preparation for medical procedures. While we can give basic guidelines, it is important to remember that […]