Happy Chappy Deidre!

Meet Little Deidre Erasmus. Deidre was 2days old when she was diagnosed with CHD. She has a 11mm VSD, her aorta’s valve opening is misshaped. She also has only 2 […]

Pretty princess Payton!

This is princess Payton. During her mom’s pregnancy, Payton’s CHD was not diagnosed. Peyton’s paediatrician detected a heart murmur when Payton was 3 days old and consequently, she was diagnosed with CHD. […]

Remembering Nykio

This is Nyiko He was diagnosed with a whole in the heart and that his arteries were narrow while I was still pregnant with him and the blood flow was […]

Meet Emily Tozer

On 3 February 2015 Emily Tozer had a heart operation for Tetralogy of Fallot. Tetralogy of Fallot is a name for a group of 4 heart defects that usually occur together. […]


I absolutely love being pregnant. I feel that it is the biggest honour as woman to carry and grow a little life inside of you. When I fell pregnant with […]

Support for Scott!

My son Scott Harmse was born on the 14th September 2016, he was blue when he was born they had to take him to NNICU had him on oxygen for a […]

Thami’s Story

In South Africa we are faced with a unique opportunity in our healthcare system. In the private sector we have access to first world medicine and in the public sector, […]

What is a hybrid cardiac surgical procedure?

In recent weeks Wyatt Cornali received hybrid surgery to repair a hole in one of the wall of his heart. In Wyatt’s case it is the wall between the two […]

Pulse ox picked up what 8 other doctors missed!

He came into the world a 2,1kg mighty warrior. We did not know how mighty he was, as we had no idea how hard he was fighting.  During the 6 […]

Granny saved my life!

Charleze is part of the group of children whose different heart was not diagnosed before she left the hospital. Even a follow-up visit to the paediatrician did not lead to […]