You reach out. We will connect you.

Peer to peer support is a valuable part of the support network that Heart Kids South Africa has been building. We connect the families of newly diagnosed patients and veteran families who are familiar with the challenges associated with life with CHD. This buddy system has benefitted countless families and continues to do so everyday. 

We do not have psychic powers!

In order for us to meet more families of children who are affected by CHD we need referrals. So should you know of a family who could potentially benefit from being part of our support network, please email their details to

Do you have access to a public space where literature can be placed? Please consider asking us for our pamphlets and put them within reach of people who will benefit from them

Do you have influence in the medical world? Can you please help us to get our contact details displayed in every children’s ward in South Africa so that no parent will ever feel alone again.